Shelby Walker

Shelby came to our academy a few weeks ago to check out the training, and has decided to stay.

We wanted to officially welcome Shelby to our team.

Shelby has been working out hard while she's been here, and hopefully we can take her training and career to a whole new level.

Welcome to the family Shelby!

American Top Team


Tremendous choice Shelby!

Is she going to be boxing, MMA, or both? Good luck!

Well i need pics ;-) Okay not really. Great choice Shelby.

Congrats Shelby!

3t for Shelby and ATT

ATT keeps climbing the ladder....getting better and better. You know a team is doing something right and has something special if people from all over are picking up and moving just to be a part of it. TTT 4 ATT. Cant wait to see you all at the AFC this weekend.

where da pics at ?

TTT. Great choice Shelby. I heard there are pictures from a jacuzzi party somewhere to be posted. Could it be true?

I want to thank American Top Team for even considering me. I guess hard work does pay off. I am honored to be part of such a great team. American Top Team is my new family.

Um, Tom.... you hush!!! ;) Those pics will be available for purchase on my web site when it's ready...... (just kidding people).

ATT is going to do HUGE things. Just watch.


Congrats on joining the new team. You seem to have the skill and the look to make it big in the sport.

btw congrats on the new team hope you like florida we have a great state for this sport.

look for big things from Shelby in boxing and mma

Can I get some info about her contacts to fight on a show....please send it to

If you need someone to beat up on in January I will be there for a month...

Congrats Shelby


This mean you are getting back into MMA as well as boxing? You were concentrating on the sweet science for a while weren't you?

Shelby and ATT make an excellent combo