Sherbrooke, dans La Belle Province

Bonjour mes amis!!

I have a buddy who is planning a move to Sherbrooke, Kebec (hey, that's how they spell it in Old Orchard so it's gotta be correct!) in the new year. He will be looking for a BJJ club to workout out at and I thought that we, meaning the tight, brotherhood-like community that is the Canadian Underground despite all of our spite for and disputes with our own MMA promoters (yeah, you know who you are), could help the fella out and throw him a bone. Without getting into which club is better than whom (who? whom?)...although it makes for great drama, so do it if ya wants...please list any and all quality BJJ clubs in the Sherbrooke region. BTW, he will probably be living in the Ascot/Lennoxville area.

Thanks, All, and have a safe and happy holidays!!