Sherbrooke Tourny= BIASED CHEATER

junior44 on the forum that runs the Sherbrooke tourny made it seem to me that his tourny was biased helping judo particpants as it gave points for big throws where both feet left the ground and for sidemount. I was not sure about this untill he posted the following comment on the french forum.

je veux que les gars apprenne a travailler debout un peu plus et arreter de se pitcher comme des fifs dans les jambes ou de pull guard comme sils voulaient se faire enculer....

It's obvious now its biased and he shows no respect for BJJ participants.

Left Hook

he said this to

'' ce n'est pas en faisant des petit shoot de fif ou en se lancant dans la garde que vous aller devenir meilleur fighter ''

he aslo have no respect for wrestler ^..^

le translation s'il vous plait?

4 points for a big takedown where feet leave the ground and 2 points for sidemount... WTF TYPE OF RULES ARE THOSE for a bjj tourny?

Maybe you should learn how to do takedowns and those rules wouldn't bug you so much.

i know how to do takedowns and those rules piss me off

something else funny is at his last tournament none of his judo guys got any good takedowns on anybody

If accurate, very unfortunate choice of words, and even more unfortunate attitude. Judo tournaments already exist, and award IPON for 'big throws'.

If people prefer tachiwaza to newaza, they already have an even more impressive tournament structure to avail themselves of (albeit, they would have to go through the established system and work their way along--such is life).

"He doesn't want people shooting at legs like fags, or pulling guard like you want to take it up the butt"

What an assinine thing to say. What is a grappling
tournament if you can't get a takedown by shooting
for a leg (or legs), or jumping to guard. I can
somewhat understand the jumping to guard thing if it's

If he only wants judo-type throws to be done, then
he should make it a 'judo only' tourney, with 'judo-only rules.

"He doesn't want people shooting at legs like fags, or pulling guard like
you want to take it up the butt"

I don't know about you, but if this is really what the guy wrote (I don't
speak French so I am going by the translation that was posted), I don't
have to read the rest of the conversation to know where this guy is
coming from.


"you guys have to understand that he want's to do a GRAPPLING tourney where not only bjj'ers will participate"

I totally understand.

So, if he wants other disciplines to participate,
why the rules about discouraging shooting for the
legs, as shooting comes more from a wrestling

if you dont know the rules dont compete. Stop complaining.


Well said Hungry Hippo!

Cmon, Hook, be careful with your choice of words! ;-)
And hippo said it right, join Brent's rasslin' class

BTW, I feel we know each other Mr.Hippo and Crazy
Armlock. So, who are you?


I have taken people down in several tournaments and have taken wrestling class but if your arguement is to tell me I should learn takedowns then come on. There was times at his tourny when I pulled guard and got -1 even through that wasn't in the rules for the event, there were other times when I didn't get the point deducted. I wonder why when I pulled guard on the judo participant I recieved the deduction. He's also added more rules that I do not like but I'm going to shut my mouth now and cause no mroe trouble. I was very dissapointed cause this looked and sounded like a tourny that could be something and he turned around and added more rules and said those comments I do not agree with at all.

Left Hook

Ok. I see your point Hook. You should have mentioned that first.
Your 'anger' would have probably made more sense.

Ok, now, off to Kill Bill 2. I have a girlfriend to entertain!
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Well let me also add that shouldn't the rules be said outloud instead of quietly. I know many and I'm sure you guys know alot too of new guys to the sport who want to enter a tourny and don't want to get screwed over.

anyways my work here is done guys, I've said what I've wanted to say.

Left Hook

You'll never get consistent reffing at these tourneys cause they aren't professional. Just look at the inconsistencies in the bigger tourneys and the weird rules. Take NAGA and their weird 2 points for a submission attempt rule, I saw a ref give a guy 2 points when his opponent went for an armbar on HIM, just cause he clasped his hands to stop the armbar and rolled up. I guess the ref thought that was a nice sweep the guy did.

Anyways the point is there's no standardization, tournaments have their own funky rules that aren't even enforced properly or consistently and most tournaments are amateurish at best. No point in complaining, just fight hard and train harder. Shitty calls will always be part of the game...

Well said Zorg. Every tournament has its own funky rules.
Boy, do I remember that "sweep attempt" at Naga. Was that a
classic decision from some funnny ref or not???

So how's the shoulder going Zorg dude?? You had better stop
that single-handed internet browsing if you ever want to heal!

See you at practice tommorrow with my scary scar! Those stitches
are starting to feel like theye part of me. Funny...

If you don't like the rules you don't have to compete, but for the guy to insult people for pulling guard or using wrestling style take downs??? not cool.....everyone has there own game.