Sherdog PlaybyPlay Racist?

This is a taken directly from Sherdog's play by play of Ruiz vs. Southworth.  Seems like it plays up to some colored stereotypes.

"Ruiz rocks Southworth with a three piece and a biscuit, landing four straight haymakers hat send the champion retreating backwards and to the mat."

You be the judge.


Thats funny.

The fact that you said "colored" is more racist than inferring that black people enjoy KFC...since KFC is so delicious.

dude as a black man i think you should stfu. i thought that call was great

What's racist?

I don't care if you're talking about the dark meat or the white meat, KFC is disgusting chicken.

It's racist because he said Southworth is a champion...

lmfao. that's the funniest shit ive ever heard.

ruiz is now champion, correct?

Ethnic humor, but of a somewhat demeaning sort.