SHERDOG ROCKS!!...thank you!

After having problems with DVDs I ordered and bitching and moaning here on certain threads about it, (which I realize was wrong) I get a reply from the man himself, the next day, wanting to replace them!

Sherdog...great site, great customer service!!

ttt for good service!!

ttt for sherdog

Placed an order 3 weeks ago for all the UFC DVDs and got an order number. No money was taken off my credit card and no confirmation email was sent. I sent an email requesting info on how to confirm the order and organise payment etc. to over a week ago but no reply.


Not faulting the dedication from the man and his team because that site is such a fantastic resource, just bummed I've not gotten any response. Everyone has given such big props to the service, I just haven't seen any.

Will try to send an email again but I'm not going to hold my breath. If I get no reply I'll be looking elsewhere....

*edit for missing .com*

LOL! I'd be willing to bet that sherdog himself has read this thread...

Jeff's a good guy. Knows how to do business.

Sherdog will reply to you in 3...2...

I have had nothing but problems ordering from Sherdog. I will not order from them again.




TTT 4 sherdog is the best.jeff is the man he has helped me out countless times and has been a great friend too me also.him and he crew have done alot for mma with the site.

chad washburn

ComputerWarrior It is great to hide behind a computer name and bash me. Give me a email or name I GUARANTEE you have not had a problem with any part of our service! So basically I'm saying you are full of shit! Come forward and identify yourself. It really makes me mad when I work my ass off to try to take care of every problem and every person only to see someone like you on a message board try to take all that hard work away. So until you prove me wrong I say shut the hell up!

BEZERKER I answer every email I get. As a matter fo fact was up until 3 AM last nigth answering emails. Somethign must have happend and communication got mixed up. Just email me again and we will see what the problem is.

14Tango Down your replacements are on the way.....

Ordered from Sherdogs before - NO problems! :) are the man!! Thank you very much!!

"14Tango Down your replacements are on the way....."

LOL! My next order is on the way!!

Back up there so everyone can see this!!

ttt for sherdog fixing his KO website!!!!

Yeah sherdog rocks, every time I send a E-mail I got a response and my problem would be fixed, good job.

Trust me l am not trolling.

I think your web site is great but in my experience you service was poor. Let me get my order numbers and l will post them.

The credit card name was MA Elliott. If you have records you will see that l ordered King of the Cage Box set as well as ADCC Volume 2. I may also have the emails l sent you and your responces or lack of.

I doubt you will remember but an order was placed and to be shipped to Guelph Ontario Canada. I took almost a month to get there. About a week and a half before l was moving l emailed and emailed to see if it was sent and if not to send it to my new address. Well l receive no responce and to make a long story short it was sent back. You then had to resend it which then took almost 2 months to receive one item.

Maybe this was a shitty situation for myself. I will try again to order from you and look forward to your service.

Thanks for replying to my plight. No insult intended from me just simply commenting on my experience.

Thanks so much for posting your personal email because it appears my mail to aren't getting through.

Sending you an email now. BTW I think your website is a fantastic resource. I think all MMA fans owe you a great deal of respect and thanks....cheers

Jeff always took care of me. Great service. ttt

All I can say to this post is Jeff is a cool guy and it is very hard to run a web-site with countless hours on the computer, events, travel. Sherdog does it all and no one web-site is 100% perfect!

TTT 4 Sherdog