Sherk Fights???

Who's next for Sherk? Why has it been so hard for
this guy to get fights? He's been very open about the
fact that he just wants to fight.

I have spoken to several people lately: a couple of
promoters, matchmakers, as well as other people close
to the sport that have all commented on how hard it
has been to to set up fights for Sherk. It seems that
many fighters once they hear his name as the
opponent...turn the fight down cold.

What gives?

They know he is the best fighter in that division? Let's see Trigg and Penn step up and fight him.

I know he and Penn were close to a deal...but what

I'd love to see Sherk vs. Trigg

Medina vs Japan, Medina vs Las Vegas, Medina vs Hawaii.....hmmmmmm.

I know where I think he SHOULD be!

Monte and Dave Menne put on great shows and Sean nees to fight, but come on!!!

He should be fighting in either Pride, UFC or ROTR....period!

The UFC should bring him back. There could be some interesting matchups. I think they let him go because they knew he would beat everybody except for Hughes.


I persoanlly believe that Sherk would give Hughes a run for his money

You do know that they've fought previously right?

Yes sir I do know that

A fighter of Sean Sherk's talent should be a main stay in the UFC or Pride Bushido shows.

From a fighters standpoint I dont think guys want to fight a guy who the ufc doesnt want that has a great chance of beating them because it will basically eliminate their shot at ufc.

"A fighter of Sean Sherk's talent should be a main stay in the UFC or Pride Bushido shows."

So true, so true!

Pisses me off to no end that UFC doesn't want one of the best fighters in the world!

TTT for Muscle Shark.