Sherk vs Cintron won't happen

I'd heard that Mirko did have some previous wrestling experience. Certainly he is a good wrestler now. That doesn't mean that Cintron would be able to do the same though. I have no problem with Cintron fighting Sherk straight off the bat. I don't think that Sherk will have any problem with him.


the UG MMA nut hugging has rised to levels known only to N.A.S.A pathetic!!!!

Strangebrew would fair well.

Cintron's Wrestling is the equivalent of Sherk's boxing. Sherk's boxing is enough to tie him up in a clinch and get the takedown. I doubt Cintron's wrestling is enough to stuff a TD from the muscle Shark. I mean, Sherk even got a TD on hughes.

Ok who here has seen CINTRON wrestle????

Therry who just beat arona could fall under the category of a guy who has kicked ass with not along training time

the appeal to pbf is that he (one) is famous. (two) talked shit. (three) is a pure boxer. pbf basicly said that because his hands are so good that he could beat the untalented/unskilled pool of mma fighters the ufc has. if citron fought and won who cares. its a guy whos not a pure boxer. he has wrestling experience and boxing so therefore citron is a mma fighter, because in a sense he is complete. where pbf is not. if sherk beat pbf it would prove to the masses that the best boxer couldnt do shit against a mma fighter. if citron beat sherk he did it because he is complete.

Crocop never did any wrestling of any kind until he started training MMA and he was stuffing Fujita's takedowns within a year and a half of training. Fujita had wrestled all his life. How was this possible???"

because it's fairly easy to sprawl on most freestyle wrestlers if you are strong and explosive like crocop. Gonzage took this guy down in the first minute lmao his wrestling ain't that great btw

^^ LOL!

Crocop was able to stuff a mexican wrestler's takedowns and the grandpas of mma coleman and waterman