Anyone here have any experience in it....or have any info...


Always wanted to go up to Chicago for their yearly World open tournament. The triathlon rounds are ok. But I still love watching the old tournaments. Just straight-up full-on bare-knuckle karate rules. YEah there was no punches to the head or face allowed, but it made for some great action. Brutal. Fighters walking out of the ring like they had been in a car wreck.

Been a lot of fighters who are known in mma who have done Shidokan. Cung Le. Shonie Carter. Peter Angerer. Among others. I remember one of the old bare-knuckle karete tournaments. Kestutis Arbocius, who fights in Pancrase now, won his weight class. Guy was a great bare-knuckle karate fighter. Brutal as hell. Just hammered all his opponents in the tournament.

They have advertised the big show in Vegas for about a year now, but nothing has ever been announced. Like I said, don't like the triathlon rounds as much. But if you haven't seen any of it, sometimes you can catch it on ESPN at random, the old bare-knuckle karate tournaments are great.

thanks....we'll look for it on ESPN

ah yes, my brother, SHidokan
he must be defeated at all costs
the world depends on it


anyone out there.....

I fought in the Team USA Shidokan in 1996. I had a good experience
in it, despite being knocked out by Pat White in the first round!

I have nothing bad to say about it though. Eddie Nakamura treated me
allright and it was fun to see the other fights.