Shin conditioning

I have a few questions regarding leg conditioning.

I have been 'playing' Muay Thai for around 5 months now. I not a professional and have no desire to be, but want to be able to put in a showing when i spar. At the moment my shins hurt so much at the moment even at 50% sparring I can only check a few leg kicks then it is just too painful (i know i know wimp..=D).

So I want to know about conditioning my legs.
What is a good way to conditon legs? At the moment I hit them lightly, a few times a week for a few minutes with an escrima stick.
An then hitting the thai pads in training.

Will continued conditioning of legs/shins screw me up in later life (athritis etc)?

any help graefully received.


throw your escrima sticks away man, just keep kicking the pads and the bag. Eventually they will hurt less, remember the more the bruising the less training you can do, therefore you shouldn't bruise your shin excessively.

Just to throw a little more detail in...

Only being 5 mo's into your training, the shin pain is standard fare. Don't stress too much about it, but you will want to tone back on your shin conditioning to allow your shins some recovery time.

In the Archive, we mention massaging the shins vigorously between rounds. This will do wonders for your shins.

Do not beat or tap the shins with your sticks. You will never get the shins conditioned evenly that way. Roll the sticks up and down your shins in the evening as you watch TV.

Try to use the heavy bag as much as possible. Kick as many times as your workout allows. This will be the ideal way to condition your shins. The harder the heavy bag, the better. Pay attention to the Archived advice regarding kicking lightly at first and increasin the speed and power as the 'sting' goes away.

Finally, whenever you spar or do partner work without Thai pads, wear shin protection. It is far too easy to catch a knee or elbow or clash shins when kicking, even if you are being super careful.

Khun Kao

to quote LKFMDC,

READ the ******** Archives!

Seriously, theres a ton of info on shin conditioning in the archives.


dear the loser,

think of yourself! are just for 5 months in the game ,which means not advanced...

what strange to me is just a 5 month person training with thai pads and beating the shin with you not have a trainer?

please take into consideration:

-thai pads will not help too much for shin conditioning

-the stick ??? never use it...

-the only thing you would concentrate would be "heavy ,long bag training" depending on your physical situation...the specific points "when to start?, training period?, frequency etc" should be arranged by your trainer who would check your situation and progress..

so you may convert yourself from "loser "to "winner", ý think ...

to your question , "any athritis etc?" in the elder times:

"frankly saying: most probably yes, most probably you will suffer ,but the level is depending on your performance what you did in the past..."

but, this is a serious game and we have to sacrify a lot...don't forget the english speechword:" no pain, no gain..."

Thanks guys good advice.

I will check the Archives in future... as soon as I work out how thats done ;D.


Theres a link on the left frame, below the "Create Message" link. Thats the archive.