shin conditioning?

Hey guys, I need a little advice. I train striking with muay thai only once a week, since I am mainly focused on BJJ. The problem I have is that my shins swell and bruise badly, but I don't feel like they are becoming conditioned (becoming harder, less painful), because of the full week between sessions. Any suggestions for improving them between training sessions? I live in a small apartment, so kicking a bag at home is not an option. Thanks in advance for your replies!

If you haven't already, check the 'saved threads'. There's a number of threads in there on shin conditioning.




I'll summarize all the thread archives for you:

1. kick the bag
2. kick the bag some more
3. and when you're done with that Kick the fucking bag some more!!

rinse and repeat

doug e

thats pretty much it, spar and kick the bag.

I have the opposite problems. My shins haven't healed enough between workouts. They don't even get full bruised anymore. Just a sick 1/2 bruise // yellowish tinge.

that means you're healing.

I'll take your word, 'cuz I sure don't feel like I am healing.

alright, I'll stop whining now. worries...I've been there many times.

There are things that you can do to speed the healing. RICE is the best place to start:

R- Rest (try not too kick the back for a few days)

I - Ice (couple of times a day if you can)

C - Compression (ace bandage works for me)

E - Elevation (when you're sitting at home laying on the counch watching tv elevate the shin so it's above your heart)

I'm also a big believer of massage. Rub those bruises out.

doug e

thanks guys!

Ya know I heard that if you take a baseball bat and roll it along your shin while on the ground it should work. I've tried it and I have made some improvement, so give it a whurl...if you gotta bat that is. You know some guy actual said to me that you get the same effect from doing it with coke bottles...please, please don't try that home kids.