Shin Socks Ala M Folwer adcc...where to buy????

For lack of a better term, the "shin socks" which Mike fowler was wearing during ADCC 2007 look like a beneficial piece of equipment. Where can i buy them from? I looked at various sites and nothing available.

They should be banned, IMO... unfair advantage, just like wearing a cup...

Search Calf or shin sleeve, on the net or ebay,

the ones Fowler used are the FOKAI ones...not sure if its still available, but check

Thanks for the replies people....I found what i was looking for under the search of Shin sleeves.
MOFukA: fokai aint selling them anymore

I asked him about those when I was at the ADCC championships and he actually said they are sleeves for your arm so you don't get sunburned while driving with your arm hanging out the window ... he said his buddy made them and he used them for grappling instead. This is a true story.