Shinya Aoki -- BACK TO FIGHTING!

Guys, just received notification from Shinya that he's didn't make the Japan Police Force, so he's training to fight and REALLY wants to fight in the UFC. A little sad for him as his goal was to become a policeman, but great for the fans.


Karo vs Aoki. Now

Jeez, what qualifications do you need to be a police officer in Japan? You would think being a world class ass kicker would be enough. Their loss, MMA's gain.

karo v aoki would be CRAZY!!!!!!! mr. white, you know what to do.

That sucks he didn't make the Police Force. I wish him luck in the MMA career. The man is fun to watch. Ganbare!

how the hell did he not make it in the police force?

i heard a rumor awhile back that the UFC offered him a fight?
any truth?

raze, shinya told me he hadn't heard anything about that. he really wants to fight in the ufc. i wonder if TUF would be a fun platform to watch him in?

i didn't hear it was HIM for sure, but i thought i heard at one point that they were trying to set up a fight for BJ with a top-ranked shooto guy who retired instead... hmmmm


TTT for why he didnt make it on the force??? Any info appreciated. Thanks in advance. Jon

jon, i feel a little uncomfortable asking him that. that would be "nasakenai" in japanese imo. just glad to have him back in fighting.

It's an honor thing. It would not be right to ask him why he did not make it.

We should forget that fact and just be happy he is back to fighting!

glad to see him back.

Kinda shocked he didn't make it...

But him in the UFC would be sweet. Aoki VS Karo and Aoki VS Charuto would be sweet.

I hope Aoki is grearing up for MACHINE GUN, Come july 21 the next belt Jhun will get will be his...

I don't think him being in TUF would benefit him his already a world shooto champion, UFC needs to look for new fighters.

Aoki vs. Penn or St Pierre

TUF? Are you kidding me? The guy is a Shooto Champion. IMO the Shooto WW belt is very presitigous and him being on TUF would be an insult.

Fantastic. I hadn't heard this news yet from my friends over at the Shooto Commission.

Although Waseda is only a top 15 university and Aoki's athletic prowess might have had something to do with his admission, I'm sure he's plenty smart enough to pass any of the police's written examination requirements. Maybe Aoki just had trouble riding one of those old lady bicycles.

I feel bad for Aoki that he didnt make the exam,but I am incredibly excited he is going to keep fighting.It must be a sign.

Aoki vs. anyone in the UFC would be fine.They should give him a tune up fight to build him up.

Waseda is a solid school, probably top 5. Something tells me Shinya wants to be a fighter but was pressured into joining by family or some other party. Maybe he owed it to them to 'try out', but took a dive on purpose so that he could do what he truly loved?