Shinya Aoki´s fight wear ?!

The pants that Shinya Aoki wears in his fights, do they improve the grip his "leg work" druing the fight?

And where do you get a pair of pants like that!

He wears them because they help bring out his glutes. Also, it is humiliating to get choked out by a man wearing rainbow spandex. My advice to you: stick with shorts. You have to be a whole different level of badass to fight in tights. FWIW, they are shooto tights. You could probably get underarmor leggings pretty easily in the US, and that might be the closest thing you can find.

along with the material helping to soak up the sweat there is some ribbing in aoki's pants that do add traction for submissions.

I have 2 H&M short, and they are doing well, but a pair of HOT pants like that would really spice up my fighting gear! And i wouldent mind geting my ass kicked by Aoki!

But I dont live in U.S, so i think have to keep looking for my super pants!

I don't care how much they improve your leg grip in guard. I wouldn't want to be the first person in my school to wear them. I don't have the physique for it.