Shogun at 185 - thoughts?

I've always seen Shogun as a 205er who could make middleweight.

Him vs Bisping, Hall, Belfort, etc. would be great! Phone Post 3.0

Welcome to 2010 Phone Post 3.0

sage77 - Welcome to 2010 Phone Post 3.0
In 2010, he was the top 205er ranking wise.

Now he's fringe 10. I think there are more exciting matches for him at 185. It helped Machida get that edge for a short bit. Phone Post 3.0

Lol Phone Post 3.0

He cuts something like 25 or 30 pounds to make 205. No way he is gonna cut 50. His body is to worn down to go to 185. And 185 is way deeper than 205 now. I'd rather he retire than try and go down in weight. Phone Post 3.0

If he trains with Raphael then yes its possible.

If not then he will be beaten by faster MW's with better technique. He might not even have his power after the cut.

Us Shogun nuthuggers have been wanting this for years. He's even addressed it a few times, most notably after the OSP KO (I still can't believe that nonsense). He's always made decisions that weren't great for his career, which is a shame bc he's 1 of the GOATs in my mind.