Shogun Limping At The Weigh Ins?

A lot is being made over the fact that Shogun looks like he was limping at the weigh ins. If you re-watch the video it looks like he is moving awkwardly. Maybe it's nothing, maybe it is, but for people betting on Coleman it's worth a look.

 Kind of noticed that as well.....wasn't it a bad knee bothering him going into the Forrest fight, as well?

Yeah he blew out his left knee over a month out from the Forrest fight. Foolishly he fought anyways and severely injured it during the fight, and then completely ruptured it after the first surgery while training for Chuck. In the vids he's looked good, and maybe it's nothing, but he seemed a little hobbled and walking funny.


Choooo, Chooooo. All aboard the excuse train. He's getting mangled whether he fakes a pre-fight limp or whether he walks into the Octagon on water.

What if he's really injured? I hope not cause he has to be 100% healthy fighting Coleman

Didnt look like he was limping at all.

Anywhere to re-watch it?

Coleman looked really old and may have some AIDS.  But he has both old man strength and retard strength so it should be a fun one.

Didn't notice any limp. 

Shogun by flying knee.

at the 2 min mark? I don't see any limp.

thx card, im gonna watch it

 damn that video is not working for me



I cannot watch the video because I am in the wrong region.  Facking racialist cannuks!

Coleman will shit in the mouths of all his critics on this forum

 17 minute mark.  

 re-watched it a few times.  kinda wierd he kept looking down at his feet.  seemed spaced out or something.  

I really hope his knee is ok.

i thought he was looking down to see if he needed to ajust his package

Seemed fine had no problem standing on each of his feet one at a time while taking off socks.

I didn't notice anything odd, he looked to be in decent shape

he looks stiff to me, thanks for the link adam