Shogun/Ninja Seminar in Philly!!!

Pride 2005 Middleweight GP Champion Mauricio Shogun, and his brother also Pride veteran Murilo Ninja will be doing a series of MMA seminars together in the USA this coming January. As I have been telling in many posts for some time now, schedule is now almost finished and I'll begin to post details for all the seminars on the tour.

Shogun and Ninja will be doing a seminar in Philadelphia, PA. This will be our second time in town, and last time we had a blast, so we are sure that this will be an even better seminar. Spaces are truly limited and already being taken, so it's wise to secure a place soon.

DATE: Tuesday, January 17th- 2006

Time: 6pm-9pm (Subject to change)

Place: Philadelphia Mixed Martial Arts Academy, Philadelphia, PA

Address: 1321 South Juniper St., Philadelphia, PA 19147

Price: $60.00 per person pre-registration, and $65.00 at the door.

Contact info: (Phone) 215-467-1008



Additional info trough email or phone.

The seminar is MMA oriented, going trough all sorts of positions that happen in a fight, from stand up, takedowns, defenses, ground work with strikes involved, and everything in the Chute Boxe Rua brothers style, showing what they believe, and what they really use inside the ring. It's also done in a way where anyone, from begginers to pro-fighters can train and learn. Those who have attended knows it's a good seminar, and you won't regrett attending it.

Any questions or other information regarding the seminars, its concept, and any feedback is also welcomed at:

Questions and comments, once again, are welcome. Thanks a lot,

Eduardo Alonso.


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