Shogun seminar tour cancelled

Im here unfortunatelly to inform piece of bad news for all involved in this project, as Mauricio Shogun decided to cancell his seminar tour, because of reasons that couldn't be ignored by him. I had to undestand his own reasoning, based on the fact that his trainers, doctors, terapists, etc. decided that he couldn't go due to the grueling fight schedule that he has coming up ahead of him.
Three days ago, Shogun got almost certain cofirmation that he will be fighting in early September for his comeback fight, and also in October on Pride's frist
USA show, likely in a rematch that many want to see. Because of that, since he has been sidelined since February and not active until recently,doctors/trainers and terapists decided that he had to value each and everyday of his preparation to get the best possible shape as well as strengthen his muscles to guarantee a full recovery, since he will need to be in his best potential for two months straight.
Although it was Shogun's desired to do the seminar trip, and everything was happening on schedule, he had no option but to stand for the priorities established by his trainers and focus on the fights, being forced to stay in Curitiba from now until the fights and
focusing only on training, thefore having to cancell the seminar trip.

Needless to say I feel sad, embarassed and somewhat depressed as I had put so much hard work, like many of you in many cities, into making this happen.
I wish that kind of decision had happened before, to avoid any kind of inconvience. However life most of the times don't go according to what we want. I want to emphasize that those who have worked with us in the past in numerous seminars done troughout the world, from Mauricio Shogun, Murilo Ninja and me, knows that we are serious and deliver good work and this had NEVER happened before, and I truly hope it'll never happen again.

It's important for everybody to understand that fighting at such a big stage, is and has to be Shogun's priority, as in the end this is what fighting fans wants to see him doing the most, fighting. Shogun has been in the USA twice for seminars in the past and Im sure as soon as his schedule allows he will be more than happy to meet the fans in any of those and other cities, as he is a nice kid. Also, the owners of each and every academy where informed three days ago, as soon as he made his decision.

As I think that most, or all of this, could have likely been easy avoided, and went beyond my controll, I'm feeling very bad right now and re-considering many aspects of my work and future decisions, as I feel sad with this situation and want to once again appologize to all. I truly tried my best, and I'm sure Shogun will win those fights as he needs your support,

Thanks for all the support and understanding,

Eduardo Alonso.


Damn that sucks but it's good to know that he's healthy and is ready to fight again.

sounds like the right move. Shogun needs to focus 100% on preparing for his comeback