Shogun vs. Machida by the numbers

could a bluenamer please post this link. I am just sick of hearing from everyone that Machida landed more strikes, cause he didn't. By the numbers, machida got outpointed by a fair bit in almost every area.



It's been posted 450 thousand times...Lyoto won. Get over it.

It has been posted on here a bunch that Fightmetric got this one wrong.

So - I watched the first round in frame advance and they got it wrong. I encourage anyone else to do the same.

Make up your own mind about things before you accept someone else's count or a biased commentator.


there is a search function for a reason.

also, no matter who you personally think won, those numbers have been shown to be bullshit. regular people track the fighters when compiling stats on sites like those, and are prone to the same human error as everyone else.

in this case, there is a massive discrepancy between how many strikes were actually thrown and landed by each fighter and what they have listed.

hey, heres an idea...go watch it yourself with the tools at your disposal (rewind, slo-mo, perhaps a pad & pen) and physically score it yourself instead of taking the word of a website staffed by people who may or may not have clearly seen what was happening.

I have watched the fight several times, regardless of whether or not the numbers are right, Rua won. He landed the more effective strikes more frequently. IMHO Machida may have one round three, but thats about it. But that's my opinion. Fightmetric has been pretty accurate for every fight I have seen but I could be wrong. I also think Joe Rogan's Commentary was a lot less biased than everyone else is claiming it was.

That picture sums it all up

This inaccurate FightMatrix shows Machida too have landed more shots in 2/3rd's of the area's

tempus - This inaccurate FightMatrix shows Machida too have landed more shots in 2/3rd's of the area's

But decreased the number Machida actually landed and increased the numbers for Shogun.

Hus - It's been posted 451 thousand times...Lyoto won. Get over it.
fixed for ya