ShoMMA Discussion - Evangelista, Kaufman, Quach

 Who's watching tonight?

Strikeforce Challenger Series: ShoMMA - Showtime at 11PM EST

- Billy Evangelista (-270) vs. Mike Aina (+220)

- Anthony Ruiz (-140) vs. Aaron Rosa (+110)

- Sarah Kaufman (-345) vs. Meisha Tate (+270)

- Lavar Johnson (-160) vs. Carl Seumanutafa (+130)

- Bao Quach (-345) vs. Tito Jones (+275)

Billy Evangelista (9-0) vs. "Iron" Mike Aina (11-6-1)

 Lavar Johnson (11-3) vs. Carl Seumanutafa (4-2)

Sarah Kaufman (8-0) vs. Miesha Tate (6-1)

Bao Quach (15-9-1) vs. Tito Jones (6-2)

Anthony "A Train" Ruiz (21-12) vs. Aaron Rosa (11-2)


Here we go...

is someone posting results?

Bao Quach (-345) vs. Tito Jones (+275) is up.

Pat Miletich is commentating!!

Go Bao!

 Here come the boo's...

 Bao Quach takes ROund 1.

More boo's... Quach takes round 2.

Quach knocked down twice in the 3rd.... 10-8 round for Jones?

decision coming...

Lackluster first fight. Tito Jones was frustratingly tentative. I'd have said he won the 3rd round 10-8 but the way he did so little for the 2nd half of the round makes me think the judges will only go 10-9.

 Quach wins 29-28 all three judges.

Yup, Quach wins 29-28 on all cards.

Crowd is booing but it really wasn't such a bad decision.

And the boo's continue.


 Anthony Ruiz (-140) vs. Aaron Rosa (+110) is up.