Shonie @ Cozmo's tonight! 8/24/06

How's it going, everyone? First off, Id like to thank everyone who was @ Cozmo's bar/grill last week and watched the fights with us and Mr. International. Id like some feedback for whoever was there. I, personally had a great time and so did Shonie. Shonie raffled off some gear, shirts, gloves, pimp cups (I got one!!), signed autographs and took pictures with the fans. He also hung around for a while after the fights and chatted with everyone. Shonie's mom was also in attendance. Very nice and funny lady! Shonie WILL be with us again tonight, for the second episode of T.U.F., so if you guys want to stop buy, have some grub or have a drink, come on down. Shonie will again have autographed pics and some merchandise, that mma fans might be interested in. Fights start @ 9, I'd get there a little early and order some burgers or wings first! For those of you who've never been to Cozmo's, its at 2506 N. Clybourn (chicago). See ya later, guys.. George

Tell the pimp I sen my best...Mikey

Will do, Mikey!!! He spoke very highly of you, brotha. Alot of respect for you. Take care Mike!

Mr. Burnett, Its cool that you post here. I became a fan of your after reading an article in mens fitness?
the article covered the Lions Den training and I belive the author stayed with the school for a week. Saw you on the TUF 4 show to. Big Fan.