Shonie = HERB

Look at this freaken goofball...

he THINKS hes a pimp..


dream on playa

Joe Mac

well he won so he can be whatever he wants

A while back Shonie tried to get the winds goin for a USO MMA show to
entertain the troops so the guy has my respect. However, those shorts are
something out of third grade

LOL at Joe Mac's jealosy. Shonie has accomplished more in this sport than you ever will. Maybe you should act a little more like what your screen name suggests?

I had to post on this thread, since I have not heard the word "HERB" used in a long time..hahaha

Shonie served in the Gulf War with the Marines

what is a pimp? Is it someone u read about in a book? U fuggin internet secretary. punishment is my profession!pain is my passion, paper in my pocket! P.I.M.P, now fuck off wanna be me!

Oh shit, Shonie on the UG? So much for going incognegro!!

Go play in the street Shonie


I can feel the love!!

lol at Mikey saying shonie wouldn't last 3 months... and killing him in his sleep...

i don't think it would be possible, shonie only sleeps 4 hours every 36 hours...


you just mad I am the ILL NEGRO! I am famous beeyatch!

I do play in the streets mikey and I am comin to yo house!

Shonie is a pimp. I mean the purple suit with a hat and cane give it all away.

Oh, and when he fought Quarry, him walking in to the Octagon with a .40 of St. Ides.

Dead Giveaway.

Pimp Mon. Very Pimp.

haha nice pic

Hey mikey I am coming to live with you for 3 months! and I already played in your streets!

I live off of my fists and my ability. Now someone please put sumthin in his mouth cause my zipper is stuck!