shooto gloves for heavy bag

If any of you are familiar withs shooto glvoes, i was wondering if you thought they were good for hitting the heavy bag. They are mma glvoes except with better padding. Also, I have a pair of boxing gloves(for sparring that i have recently been told that i should use for sparring and get a seperate set for heavy bag). Would it really benefit me more to get heavy bag glvoes specific for the heavy bag i would liek to get the shooto gloves as i want to use them for other purposes. so if anyone thinks they are good for bag workouts let me know your thoughts thanks.

You shouldn't use your sparring gloves for hitting the bag, because that breaks the padding down.

You should be wearing bag gloves similar in size to what you'll be using in the ring/cage, so if you're planning on fighting MMA you should get some 4oz or 5oz gloves. You can use your shooto gloves, get a light pair of boxing bag gloves or even pick up a pair of MMA bag gloves from Combat Sports International.

MMA guys are allowed to wrap their hands now, so I wouldn't hit the bag unless my hands were wrapped.