Shooto pictures

Phil had very impressive takedowns!!! I have many photos of that match!!

Well he is a national champion wrestler :-) He had to rely on takedowns to win it. (Not the tallest guy.) In fact, he knows more takedowns than anyone I have ever seen.

his takedowns were slick, reminded me of me, but better.


It is nice to see someone on here give Phil some praise. People should not base their opinion of his abilities based upon a UFC fight at 170. He is an excellent fighter. He can still hang in there with alot of kids 10-15 years younger than him.

Phil looked better in this fight than any other I've seen him in the last 2 1/2 years . His takedowns were as good as I've ever seen them . I think Steve was a little surprised as well . This was a good first round win for Phil in the tourney . If he stays this sharp the rest of the division better look out .


Will shooto be back to belleville soon!!