Shooto v. Randy Erickson

I would like to take a moment to clear the air regarding rumors that are circulating about Randy Erickson and his relationship with the Shooto Association...

To put it plainly, Randy Erickson is and has been (and will continue to be) a valuable part of what we do in SHOOTO. It is a hard road to bring your vision to reality in this business, and it is even harder to find people that share your vision and will dedicate themselves to pursuing it. Randy is one of those people. He is as hard-working and tireless as anyone I have ever known in the MMA world. We are very fortunate to have him as part of the SHOOTO Americas team. When the work load became too much for one man to handle and Randy was there to not only pick up the slack, but to take on a large portion of the load entirely.

I do not know why the rumors of dissent started, insinuating that Randy is on his way out from being a key component in the SHOOTO Americas structure, but anyone who is concerned can rest assured that he will remain as a member of the Shooto Association and will continue to perform the roles he has become known for doing will such fervor...


Rich Santoro

Shooto Association, Americas Division

I would have to say that randy is a very stand up guy and goes out of his way to make sure you are taken care of before his needs are.And all the people that help him out also like jeff and the whole crew from hooknshoot.Also for people like you rich that give fighters like me a place to fight and show what we have to offer to the fans.

thanks chad washburn

HEy back off Randy guys, i dont know what the problem is but Randy is doing great tings for the sport. Shows and fighters alike.

Team Havok

thank you Rich for clearing up things .

And no I'm not under (or was under) ANY gag order . I will continue to say whatever I want , when I want .


Jay Estrada and I arrived in Belville in the evening and ran into Randy while he was eating dinner with some friends. Jay needed to be weighed in and instead of telling us to wait until he finished, Randy got up from the table and weighed Jay in.

Keep in mind we were late for that days weigh ins and he could have told us that it would have to wait until the next day


Wow – the thread title scared me

Here is another good time to point out what great people Shooto has involved, Randy, Rich, Jeff – everyone I have ever worked with in the organization has been classy, intelligent and fair. They handle problems extremely well and conduct themselves like true professionals.

TTT for Shooto

Ive had a bunch of interactions with Randy and hes a super guy.

thanks everyone . The reason most of you haven't read the rumors is because it's on a website that most people don't care about (or go to) because of things just like this . It seems they have a history of reporting stories that aren't true . It says something about their charactor doesn't it .


Todd Atkins made the post at one responded to it,or cared.

But alot of people expressed concern to Randy, so I wanted to make this post publically

yeah,let me restate that comment,Randy,no one believed that post,todd's just trying to fuck with hope's that it would upset you.

ttt for Shooto Americas