Shoots vs Throws - advice on Shoot

Mr Harris and Forum members,

Recently I've been exploring the concept of "Shoots" as takedowns - as opposed to Throws - in the BJJ competition game.

It'd be great to hear your views on shoots, and what attributes are required to make a "shoot" a successful one eg for single or double.

In short, throws are more dependent on the use of cloth and
shoots rely more on the cupping on the wrists and hands. Both
rely heavily on set ups, the use of specific grips, as well as the
application of and release of pressure.

Shoots require the practitioner to have the ability to apply forward
pressure, change angles on a dime, have phenominal strength,
endurance, balance and awareness, as well as develop the mental
attributes of determination, focus and tolerance of pain.

Roy Harris


There is one common and fundamental movement to all throws, particularly hip throws. This movement is called the "backstep". If you master the backstep you'll find you can do most throws.

There are two common and fundamental movements for all shoots: whether double leg, single leg, duck under etc.
These two movements are called "level change" and the "penetration step".

This is how throws and shoot are broken down in wrestling (YES they teach throws in wrestling).

How does this translate to Bjj? It translates because the movements, in regards to execution is essentially the same.

If you want to develop efficiency in throws, work on the backstep. If you want to develop efficiency in shoots, work on "level change" and "penetration step".

The other aspects in regard to details will be much much much easier to tackle and absorb AFTER you have master the fundamental MACRO movements of throws and shoots.