shot exercises???

I was thinking recently on how to improve my shot. In a street fight scenario obviously it would be pretty important to get the guy down and gain a dominant position hopefully mount. Personally in sport bjj im a guard player and I dont think it would be too wise for me to fall to my back and try to get the guy in guard. I consider myself a fairly good grappler but usually rely on the guard as my main position. So my question is what exercises could assist me in improving my shot other than actually trying it out in class b/c im kinda on a leave right now. Someone smaller than me I wouldnt really mind going to a clinch. I dont consider myself too small im 6'2 215 but someone bigger than me I wouldnt wanna clinch with just go for the double or something anything that can help me make it quicker and stronger?? Thanks in advance.

I really like resistance bands/tubing.AB Bands

1) For starters, do solo shots until they feel awesome. In the beginning, focus on mechanics, so that each one is perfect:

-Change Levels, keeping upper body erect

-Drive front knee down, pushing off of back leg

-Step up with back leg (this would be under your partner)

-turn and drive up to your feet explosively to finish

Do this over and over until you can do it without thought. It should be reflex. I spent a couple afternoons with skateboarding kneepads on, doing several hundred on each side before it started to feel good.

MAKE SURE that the shot itself is two distinct actions: change levels and penetrate. No "sliding down the escalator" movements.

2) Once your shots feel great, repeat them holding a medicine ball or kettlebell. I find that just 10 on each side holding my 1 pood kb (36 pounds) is excrutiating. You can also hold a dumbbell in each hand. No matter what you hold, concentrate on having proper form with your legs, keeping your upper body erect (hips under shoulders), and elbows pinched in. Try to simulate the real thing every time.

3) Work other muscles that develop the legs in their full range of motion. Try bottom-out squats (like hindu squats), pistols (1-legged squats), and lunges (front and back).

4) Move on to explosive leg movements like squat jumps, lunge jumps, box jumps, and explosive skipping.

A year ago I had NO shot at all. I sucked at wrestling-style takedowns. Last night I took down a high school wrestler with a clean double leg--lifted him, turned the corner, cleared his guard, and established side mount--with perfect control throughout. I love it!


thanks tt yeah a few months ago my instructor kinda tweaked my shot a little by tellin me to drop first and then shoot. i feel that really helped i just have to make it instinctive now.

could you elaborate a little on the box jumps???
thanks for the info though guys
Bull im tryin to go for just stuff i can do without buyin anything lol I got too much shit and not enough money. thannks though

To isolate practicing your level change, just do a bunch of squats from a staggered stance with one foot forward. Keep your chin tucked, shoulders shrugged. Keep your shoulders over your front knee, and your posture good. Keep your elbows in tight like you're a tyrannosaurus.

no worries. just telling you what worked for me.

keep working on your form and speed.

There are actually 2 variations that I've heard called "box jumps". They are both applicable.

Box Jumps #1:

place on object on the floor. jump back and forth over it (with 2 feet together) exposively, trying to touch the ground for as little time as possible. Pull your knees up to your chest when you are in the air.

Box Jumps #2:

Get yourself a solid object (like a bench, but make it sturdy) that you can jump up onto. You want something about 2-3 feet tall.

With both feet, jump up onto the object, then hop backwards down off of it. as SOON as you hit the ground, jump right back up again. Keep this rhythm going.

Good Luck!


thanks guys ive been wondering what box squats were. Ill give them a try.

box squats are something totally different!

box squats are a weight training exercise. not a form of plyometric box jumps!

Is it essential to drop your front knee on the ground (between the gate) for a proper DL shot? Could you modify it and jump your lead foot forward instead? Just wondering if you have a bad knee or you are doing this on a hard surface. Thanks.


I would recommend buying a kneepad and dropping that knee. Drop it CAREFULLY in the beginning, while you build strength and work mechanics.

Over time, as your takedown becomes smooth, you will place less and less weight on that knee as your leg strength carries you forwards. Eventually, it will barely skim the ground as you shoot, even at your lowest.

And of course, if you have an injury, consult a doctor before you try the crazy things people tell you to do online. :-) That includes me.



Thanks for the advice. My right knee is always banged up!

Another question for you;(when shooting with your right knee between his gate)...when you bring your back (left) leg forward, are you hooking it behind his right ankle? If so, does that make the takedown more effective?

jazzfan, your knee shouldn't *bang*, it should glide. and it doesn't always have to touch the ground. the move to the ground is for penetration thru his torso. if you've already got him, pull the knees in and lift!


When I can, I will hook the leg. However, this requires very good penetration. But when I get it, I am able to fall right into one of my favorite kneebars. If you know the move I am thinking of, and you can make it work, you could consider working this combination.


A thousands thanks to you Twinkletoes, I've been practicing shooting with the knee pads and I've noticed an improvement in a few short days

That all definitely sounds like good advice but im talking more for a street scenario. Personally I dont think I would hook the ankle in the street. Id rather grab a double and pick him and drop him or just a double leg tackle. I know when in class Ill go for the ankle hook and sometimes I get stuck if their base is good and if they do happen to sprawl on you I think your base is a little worse when putting your foot behind his. You really do have to have good penetration while doing that and sometimes in class ill eventually get the takedown but thats after a little adjustment. My training partner isnt hittin me in the head while im making my corrections either.


There is an OLD rule in Judo that you automatically win by Ippon if you can press the other person over your head, face up. The idea is that in this position, there is NO way he can fall safely unless you LET him.

THAT is my ideal street self-defense move. Pick him up overhead and look for somewhere to drop him on his hydrant, open manhole, etc.

I have heard that some judo sensei are still quite adept at reaching this position, even though it has fallen somewhat into obscurity. I would like very much to train with an instructor who specializes in this move.