Should BJ start doing combat JJ?

I think combat Jiu Jitsu would suit BJ really well. If he challenged guys his age I think he could carve out a nice nitch for himself and really bring combat JJ to the forefront,  I could even see the ufc starting a league.

This would also be a good transition for many fighters from mma to retirement.

What do you think?

No. Bj should hang it up and preserve his brain. He has a family and should focus on the next stagr of life. Sport bjj has passed him by and combat bjj wouod cause further damage.

His BJJ was good for 10-15 years ago. These days with guys like Nicky Ryan, Garry Tonon and Craig Jones he isn't even in the same league  

Master Worlds… I wish this was his goal right now. Coming from a huge BJ fan. He’d be in the Master 3 division this year. What a way to cap off his career if he could win that tournament one of these years.

BJ should retire.

BJ should be teaching in a gym.

BJ should grow weed on his estate in Hawaii