Should I pack it up ?

Greetings, If you have been on this forum for anytime you probably remember my thread about the Houston Ross Training group. Well, things aren't going that great. Little interest in the class because of the saturated area pulling away my mcu needed adult students, low visiblity from the road, etc.

Tonight, I think my decision was made up for me. I kind of fancy myself an infighting kind of guy, lots of clinching, takedowns, grappling, etc. TOnight I had a dude come train with me who has been kickboxing 6-7 years come train with me. He is a friend of a friend, so I realize by attitude that class is basically going to be a challenge match.

We do some pad work, and work the sprawl. THen we move on the scenario training. I stand in the middle with my eyes closed and wait for the attack-contact to be made. THen everything goes. THis dude is about a foot taller than me to give you some details. He shoots in and gets the takedown from my blindside. I get him in guard and start working . He puts the froearm in the throat and I just could not seem to pass it. I tried for the arm trinagle and he was too damn sweaty. He was in my guard taking shots and I was getting smashed witht the forearm. Basically, a draw.

My point is that although there are no egos at my school, that match was a reality check that maybe I should close it up and focus on training a bit more. I know everyone has an off night, but the combination of low attendance and and not being able to tap a sandbagger ( he had definately grappled before, although he was sandbagging being a novice. ).

Anyone have days like this ? If you are the instructor, you are the product of your teaching method. I have blue belt level ground skills, but I teach all ranges of self defense ( psychology and all ). I feel like I should hang up the school keys and go train for another 20 yrs or so.....

A foot taller, so what 30lbs?

Sounds like you got lightly GnPed... I wouldn't worry if you're only at a blue belt level.

Didn't you enjoy the reality check you got when you FIRST started MMA training? You should treat this expereience like the first time and yeah, train even more.

Yeah but I know what he means. I have felt that way in the past, but sometimes those realty checks are worth paying attention to.

I am without a doubt going to improve myself. That is what MMA style is all about, learning where you are lacking.

This wasn't necessarily a GnP, but that frustrated feeling you get when nothing is working. I was popping him while he was in my guard. We rolled all out for 15 mins. I said he is a foot taller because I could not get to his long ass legs to sweep. It was a draw for all intensive purposes. But when you run the class, a draw is just not good enough when someone is testing you.

No oil checking. Although, he did say "Call me Jiffy Lube, beeoch ! ".

YOu know, now that I think about it. WHen someone jams a foreamr in your throat your breathing does sound like your squealing like a pig.

Man dont worry about it and dont close up your school. everyone has off nights. I have had new guys beat me on off nights and I have done some amazing things on good nights. It is part of the game and it is no big deal. Being able to tap guys is just one part of being a teacher.


Hang in there bro your welcome to come train with my
team anytime.I have had some off nights it just makes
you stronger bro!!!


Omoplata the bastard.

Sometimes it happens bro!!!!!!!!! Reality checks is what this sport/the arts are all about! Dont be down on yourself for having what appeared to be just a difficult time of it, sometimes your the hammer sometimes your the nail!
My point being...........this is what makes us improve, the challenge of it in general! If we could easily put away everyone there would be no reason to continually train and get better, nor would there be a reason to subject ourselves to the risk we do everytime we train!

I honestly love it when i get schooled in a certain makes me want to improve in an area that perhaps i wasnt paying enough attention to!

There are only small setbacks in life that we have to overcome..........death is the only setback we can't deal with consider this lesson learned and work on whatever you felt you needed or wanted to be able to do and do it!

but packing it in is for the guys who drink beers at the end of the bar and talk about what they could have been if the world wasnt so un fair!


Duane. WHen I start back at school, I plan on training with you guys. Of course, the offer for you guys to train at my school stands as well.

I wouldn't be so down if it wasn't for the low attendance and the trachea raping I received. In reality, I did better than I feel I did. It is just when you open your own school, you feel that you should have something to offer to everyone. I was at a loss. My ground game relies heavily on sweeps and hip movement. I was pinned by my damn neck, no movement. I don't like reality checks, but I appreciate them.

well the neck is a sore spot when dealing with taller guys with good balance! now you can work on moving to elevators and worries man! its good to be tested in different ways!

as for your own school and having something to offer everyone...........if he comesback and likes training with you or respect you you did offer something!

YOu don't have to tell me about the height thing. I'm 5'6, he is around 6'2. My training group does not have any tall guys yet. We are like a bunch of rabid oompa loompas.

I hope he comes back. I would like to consistently roll with him to figure out a way around his game. I think he is one of those guys that would only appreciate the class if I tapped him or dropped him. That is what is getting to me.

I am going to have my students replicate the situation and I will just try a way around it. Having a guy lean on your throat for 10 minutes is not my idea of a fun time. I appreciate you guys feedback.

we all have bad nights at the office....shit will buff out mannn.

Reality hecks are good from time to time it lets you know what you need to work on etc.