Should I wrestle?

I came down with some kind of half cold/half flu sickness on monday. My body aches a little bit, I've got a sore throat- coughing and slight headache. I'm feeling pretty fatigued too. I've got wrestling practice today in a few hours and I'm debating wether or not to go. On the one hand, I feel weak not going to wrestling because I have the sniffles and it is the last few weeks of the season. But I also don't want to make this worse. Should I go or not? Thanks

Tell the coach you would like to Practice let him decide. Alot of Times Practice gets you feeling better getting the blood flowing ect. Missing Practice is never good if you can go.

Time for you to rest, Grasshopper.

Gary Hughes

sounds like an excuse Go train

ask your coach. if he quits telling you to be a little girl, then go. if not, stay home.

either way, i wouldn't worry unduly about infecting your teammates; they've already likely been exposed if you're actually carrying a virus of some sort.

another possibility is that you're suffering from seasonal allergies. you might try taking an antihistamine just to see what happens.

I'd go, people with weak immune systems deserve to be sick.

lolololo at chemicalsage

I never missed practice sick or healthy if I missed school I still went to wrestling practice.

Go and watch practice at least. I agree w/ Camel Killer re: not getting other wrestlers sick.