Should I?

Not going to go into my creds. 36. Like I say, need 6 months. Not sure all the regulations I would have to pass in Illinois. Fight Factory does shows around her. Should I fill out the form? Amateur or whatever. At this point, I want to live life to fullest, and see what happens. I can hold my own. Know what I know. Seriously. Being dumb or not?

^^^ this

Go ahead. Live life to the fullest. You will get your ass kicked, but it'll be one less thing on your bucket list...

if you do it. u post a pic with a FUCK THE UG sign or it didn't happen.

 Ask your trainer. Those decisions are his job.

 I believe in you dawg do that shit. No pain no gain- fuk the world- and such

Kirik -  Ask your trainer. Those decisions are his job.

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Kirik -  Ask your trainer. Those decisions are his job.

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false i trained and fought outta carbondale and i believe the fight factory is the guy that put on the show at the marion miners park? you would do fine with the quality of competition on that show just know that whoever you fight is gonna come out guns blazin cuz its mostly guys havin their 1st or 2nd fight, theres not too much feelin out goin on...also if you can make it to carbondale train with tim fickes/dojo usa n youll be ready no problem

Wow. It's just the whole Southern Illinois fight scene, or whatever. Man. I hear all kinds of shit. Was just hanging with an old friend of mine tonight after five years or so. Her son is a legit martial artist. Remember him when he was like 16. Got a black belt in TKD now. And so on. He is so young. 21. Talking about cage fighting. Not ready yet. Saying he ain't got his ground game up yet. This and that. Crazy talk. Another guy at same time , friend's brother, talking about training mma. Kind of silly like. Went to Buffalo Wild Wings. Dudes who were friends of friends, talking bunch about being ameteur fighters and black belts. Got 21 year old saying him and his instructor training with Hughes in Granite City, Illinois. Ones at Buffalo talkng about seminar with Franca. I believe the TKD instructor in town in legit. Next post.

In all seriousness. I did fill out form. Aaron Essary returned my request, and said he would be in contact in next few days. Hope I'm not spoiling this. I am 36. Got no trainer. There is 2 to 3 good places around here to get your head right. I say six months, cause I'll be 37. I got some legit avenues to get in shape. Lot of street in me right now. I hear the talk. Like motherfucking real Yoda. Just want to sit back and say to these knucklers. To the nose use a palm. Se, to face instead of fist. Herh. Herh. Herh. I like the advice. You only live once. Guys with one or two fight. I even asked for amateur. I'm ready to rumble. Lol. I would train with these hard-core TKD guys, they going to be nailing my ass with kicks for giggles. But I like pain and shit. Got a good chin. Missing half my of left knuckle right now, cause it was better than hitting someone. Damn, maybe I'm just a lil edgey and in a mid-life crisis. Just got banned from a bar Saturday cause I was drunk and amped and wanted to just knock out some punk who said he was going to kick my 65 year old dad's ass a few months ago.

 DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know of Dojo USA. I'm not a shit talker. But. You only live once. They might put my old ass against some 20-something killer. I still say, when I'm straight. Focused. I'll give em' a good show. And I got this really fucking _______ feeling right now in my life.

I must be slow or maybe just a total noob cause I have no clue what the fuck is going on here.

there was a seminar with hermes somewhere, maybe tenn. that a few people went to, i was pissed i missed it, but just to say whoever was sayin that was legit, they actually train lol dude if ur gonna fight dont fuck around train with dojo usa they have classes 5 days a week n a charuto brown teaches the bjj, all the other schools around the area get together n roll n spar, at dojo usa you spar AND learn shit

dude you know a kid named derek? where you from?

better get trainin, i saw fight factory has a show oct 17th and i know kage one has one at harrahs metropolis the 1st week in nov and battle at the blast is comin back feb 20th...maybe you should get on that show ill be makin my glorious return to battle in so ill haha

If you are looking to get into fighting, and make a big splash quickly, telling it to the UG is the wrong approach. What you really should be doing is sending messages to Forrest Griffin's MySpace account.

I hear ya. Hate to bump this one up again. Always was interested in Dojo USA. I'm old. Clock is ticking. 36. I would definitely need some cardio. I'm gonna get back in the gym. Dust off the old heavy bag in the garage. Know a few venues to get some serious work in. I do know. Lost my girl of 3 years and family within last month or so. Been back out at the bars and the street. Been three years or so. Rusty. Last weekend. Stepped inbetween a guy I knew, and black guy that just got after a 7 stay. I was pushing my friend away, when old boy threw off some. Was drunk, but took em' good. Think ol' boy thought I should have dropped. Still got the chin. Went back to throw on him, and his big ass brother says straight-up if you do I'm in on it. Yada. yada Got the fire in the belly. Would love to give it a go within the next year. Tick. Tock.