Should Ken and/or Tito talk to Noa

Do u guys think that Ken and/or Tito should have had the opportunity to talk to NOAH? I mean Dana isn't exactly a fighter...I mean a pep talk from the Ken and/or Tito would have changed Noah's mind??? Wha u guys think??? Sadly...I think he would have chosen PUSSY still...

I dont think it would have made a difference he was whooped

I disagree. While watching the show, I was thinking that were I Mike Nickels, I would have recommended to Noah that he wait until training and speak with Tito before making a decision. This would've meant waiting only a couple of hours extra (at most). Had Noah spoken with Tito before Dana, I believe things would've turned out differently.

Then again, the producers probably would've pre-empted it anyway by having Dana confront Noah first thing in the morning (as he did).