Should Randy Retire?

Sure. As long as I get to watch one of you guys tell him.


How I see it is if you throw a shot and you ko someone you win, but for a decisive win I would have preferred to see Chuck sprawl kill Randy?s Takedowns and fire some shots for a round or so then get the KO thus proving he controlled the fight as well.
So Randy has no reason to quit because his win over Chuck was more decisive than Chucks over Randy?s

Randy is and will always be the ambassodor for the sport.Id pay to see a 3rd Lidell fight who also is great for the sport.Props to 2 legands

i see no reason why he shouldnt finish out the last two fights on his contract. he can get a tuneup fight and end his career in the rubber match against Chuck. makes more sense to continue at this point.

and as a fan, id like to see Randy try to go out on top.

No, he should not and he will not.

i just hope that when he retires he goes out on top, with the belt.