Should the UFC replace the Octagon with a ring?

I just finished watching M-1 and every fight was exciting. No wall and stall and staright action every round.

Should they? No.

Will they? No.

should they? Yes

will they? No.

This thread has never been done before.


yeah but it makes us think about it more and more when you see action like this.

Bill Pharoni - Should they? No.

Will they? No.

slamming - This thread has never been done before.



"Fuck no" is the right answer.

Fightin_Chance - <img src="" alt="" /> 

that's probably an amateur fight. The pro leagues have additonal ropes holding the main ropes together.

Lol@ rings and mma going together. Yeah fuckin right Phone Post

There are good things about the ring and cage, but I think the rules should change.

Knees, stomps, soccer kicks ftw!

It takes away wall and stall which is good, but restarting a fight in the middle is really annoying. Phone Post

what's really annoying is lay and pray for 15 fucken minutes.