Shoulder ACL pinched nerve?


Need a little quick advice and information.

Just got back from my first MRI 2 weeks ago. Orthopedic surgeon said the pain in my shoulders is not due to a rotator cuff tear, but it is a pinched nerve on top of my shoulder area called the ACL joint.

Does anyone know what this means??

Any suggestion for this pinched nerve??

The doctor said that it is not "super" bad yet. He said that I can still workout but try to avoid movements that raises my arm high above my head.

It does hurt quite a bit.

Thanks in advance!!

Man, I suffering from a persistent pinched nerve as well.

It's inbetween my shoulder blade and spine and pinches if I turn my head to the left and use my trap muscles for anything. It really sucks.

Mine is caused from the way I sleep. Musashi gavesome sound advice on sleeping habits and it really helped for a while and now it's back. I think it's because I recently began reading on my bed with several pillows propping up my head.

I have re-injured it several times over the past 3 weeks by sleeping the wrong way followed by using my lower trap muscles while turning/tilting my neck to the side.

I think I may need to see a chiropractor.


Mine is a little similar in that when I stretch my neck (turn to left and right), I feel a little funny in my shoulders. No pain there though.

The pain is just in the top of my shoulder. For some reason, my orthopedic surgeon didn't seem very concern about it.

I just apply heat and it feels better quick.

ac joint is not a nerve, not sure I understand. acl is in the knee

Which nerve is he talking about?


Thanks. You are right. My doctor did mention the joint name, but its just that I forgot the exact name. It is the ACL loint in my shoulder.

He said that the bones were rubbing against each other, and that causes this little bump on top of my right shoulder.

According to him, this is the cause of the pinched nerve.

I have been taking Alleve. Oh man!! That stuff is amazing. It makes my pain so much more bearable.

get an Rx for muscle relaxers (take them before you go to bed).

Take it easy until you get better.

See a good chiro and physical therapist.

You also get a bump at the AC joint when you have a separation.

Not big on heating joint pain bro...try ice


Heat does make my shoulder feel a little better.

So far, I am taking Alleve in the morning, and the pain is more manageable. I am back to doing light benches and stretches.