Shoulder Subluxation

Hey guys,

I have 2 tender shoulders but the right one suffered a subluxation 2 years ago and has never been the same (never got it five because I thought I was just being a vagina). It happened again a week ago during wrestling practice. I'm on vacation right now with the family so I decided I'll do something as soon as I get back. So what should I do? I don't want to stop training! What should I stop what should I continue. Best way of treating it (get it back to 100%)? I'm 19 and don't want this to stretch out any longer. Much appreciated everyone!!!

Oh and PS: I usually grapple 4-5 times a week and strike 2-3 times and life weights 3 times a week. Now should all of these just be stopped until I'm better or keep some and leave out others? Phone Post

Stop and get it fixed. Phone Post

I have no idea what to do. I guess ill see a doctor but the waiting list in MTL is ridiculous. Along with one of my doctors recently not able to see anything wrong with my shoulder before the second subluxation (through X-ray, should I ask for an MRI?) Phone Post

mofomike - Stop and get it fixed. Phone Post

This... Had first shoulder surgery at 18, doc said you should do other shoulder too as it had sub'd a few times ( other shoulder dislocated to many to count so had to get surgery, but left one only sub'd a few times) I said I would wait... Wish I hadn't, waited 10 years, had it completely dislocate 8 times, last one was surfing, almost drowned!!! When I finally did it, it was Way worse than original MRI and recovery took way longer... Your young, get it done now... It won't get better on its own! My 2 cents. Phone Post