Shout out, Joe?

Once again, on the off chance you're logging in before tonight, can we get an OG shout-out? Like
"Oh, gee, he got rocked!"

"Wassup, Tom" would rule, but that's probably pushing my luck.

C'mon Joe, I've been a big fan for years. One little shout...



he needs to beep someone imo

Mike: "Boy, that Tim Sylvia looks great tonight."

Joe: "Beep."

I would LMAO.

I'm still holding out for props...

TTT damnit...

TTT one more f'n time...

good luck with your cause my friend

i must admit a BEEP would be funny as hell

Goldberg:  "With the many tattoo's... IS Tim Sylvia."

Rogan:  "THAT'S STREET."


ttt beep

Sandy Panties.... HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!!! Nice!

would lmao if he said beep

Mike: "That Saw IV looks great."

Joe: "Beep!"

Not too late, Joe...

The Romo Detector would be hilarious.

Goldberg just said Sylvia looks great.

BEEP, damnit!

no beep damnit


Bas loves Sherdog more than Joe loves the UG.