Shout out to all the green names... respect

Been on here since 03 (lost my first name somehow) and this sport has completely evolved way past what I was first watching.

I wanna pay a tribute to all the Fighters who show up and put it all on the line especially the ones who did in the beginning when there was not much if any money waiting for them.

Staying in touch with the underground forum is awesome of you guys and I appreciate all the hard work and dedication that you put into each and every fight

So here is to you guys... from the old school to the new school

Thank you all

Well said. Signed. Phone Post

Here is to you guys!!


Agree 100% Phone Post

Agreed. Even though he called me a girl I'm including James Thompson as well. Respect. Phone Post

Wait.. Why can I see your red arrows? Phone Post

Dunno I can see everyones I was at a even amount but then I stuck up for a fighter people don't enjoy watching so I got the vote downs lol

Enough of that though much respect to these guys on here for keeping it real

I love this sport

RickStorm - 

Here is to you guys!!



TTT Phone Post

ttt give these guys some props guys



More greens should post more often!! TTT for the fighters out there!!


p.s. I would like to be able to see everyone's red arrows - especially the Rustler's. His must be in the thousands by now...