show UFC and Pride in Germany!?!?

Anyone know of places showing either event in Germany, I wish I could watch them live, or sort of live anyways...

Anybody have any knowledge of this?!?

Last year, when I was in Herzogenaurach, there were some guys from work that told me we could go to Nurnburg and watch Pride (Live)

But, I had to leave that morning for Stuttgart (Mercedes) and was unable to go with them, but they had a BLAST.

They all told me what happened,

and who won, and everything!

I forget the name of the place....I may can find out for you......


The German PPV cable station PREMIERE airs the UFC events live and shows repeats over a certain period of time. Airing time can be found on and

Also try to hook up with some local folks or ask around in sports bars if they have the PREMIERE PPV channel.

I'm on shipton kaserne in Ansbach Germany...

Hope you're enjoying your time in Bavaria. There's so much to do and explore.

Nurnburg has Pride live--I'm there next time, Dudes! I live in Vilseck, 30 minutes away from Nurnburg by bahnholf. Do they show Pride at Happy Rock's or Shamrock's Pub?