Showdown Article Online

I recently wrote an article on the showdown crew if you get a chance check it out

and if you guys get a chance check out some of the other article on the site,thanks guys


Wow...thanks man. Really nice.

Thanks PJJ :)

Great article!

Just thought I would add a quick note! It is a great story but you forgot two important members of the Showdown team:

1) Paul Mitchell: marketing guru, operations genious & boxing coach
2) Mike "the Shooter's Shooter" McNeil: publisher & editor of the mag, jiu jitsu kick-ass guy, dabbles in photography a little

Danny is still waiting for the ring to arrive at the showroom to demonstrate his "straight blast" technique....

Sweet article. Thanks very much PJJ, we are very honoured.

But, like you said... We're just getting started ;-)


LOL @ Paul...problem is I can't disagree with anything he said...except the marketing comment MAYBE...:)