Showdown MMA gloves

Just got a look at the new Showdown mma gloves. New colours and they look good. Great stitching in them too. They take a beating and keep producing.

Now if only I could actually do something in them.


they were at the last AFC show... nice gloves

The event put on by the Evolution gym has ordered customized gloves for their event and those ones look sweet. If any are left after the event I hope to buy them because they look great and feel great.

Honestly, Showdown just keeps refining the quality of their gear each time they make more.

Ya I used these gloves at AFC 8, they were very nice. The way they have the palm and thumbs stitched up was supportive enough to keep the glove on nice and tight. While allowing your hands to breath at the same time. Not to mention they aren't bulky enough to mess with your grip. The wrist wraps gave good wrist support. But what suprised me the most was how well the padding protected the hand, while not really taking away punching power or impact damage.

I definatley give these gloves an A+!

-Ben Saunders

TTT for Showdown.


ttt for Showdown !

Great gloves, great guys and a great magazine.

I like Showdown because they are doing everything thing can to promote MMA in Canada and the world, while at the same time putting out an incredible line of products.

ttt for Showdown!

ttt for ugly bastards wearing skirts... :)

The next issue of showdown combat mag is coming soon too!

They need better, close-up pics of the gloves. You can't tell anything from that one small pic.

Best gloves I've tried. ttt for Showdown.

I have a pair of boes I use but they are neoprene and they stretch and tear. The showdown gloves rock because they are leather and they hold nice. Great stitching. They also let a wrist wrapping go under the gloves great.

Cant tell from the photos but looks to be the same ouano-type design that a lot of people sell. Wish there were more closeups.

Sorry man, I was looking at the ones they designed and made custom for the guys at evolution gym in B.C. and they look sweet. I have worn gloves from UFC and KOTC but these felt just as good if not better. However, you are right, close ups would be nice.

Ben: your fight in AFC was awesome!


i use showdown MMA gloves....very well made and comfortable

People who are interested in custom gloves for their events should contact Showdown. Like I said, I just saw the job they did for the event and man do they look awesome. The Evolution gym in B.C. Canada has had custom gloves made up for their gym in custom colours and printin etc.

Seriously sweet.