I will need 4 posters to put up. 1 for work, 2 for barber shops, 1 for random placement.

nice poster guys!!!

TTT Dixson's Dungeon and Reality combat

any chance that pornstar guy will be there? I hear him and that kyle bradley guy draw quite the crowd

jon i will come by the gym and drop some off when they are ready



Card will be released this weekend. We have some surprises to announce, I cant wait.....

Adam I'm hoping that the pornstar might grace us with his presence

I'm looking forward to seeing this card. Great title match!

For those interested: the last Reality Combat ("American Justice") is now available on DVD. For more info. contact me at

To receive a the DVD by mail send $20 plus $3 S/H to :

Shannon Berry

108 Dixie Circle

Slidell, LA 70458


Well, it's past the weekend. What's the surprise?

WHO is rich fighting ???



right on, big John Dixon from the old IFC days @!!

Didn't think he was still in action !! Havent' heard his name in a while.


Rich is fighting Tom Kirk.

Rich I have a coupe of guys from indiana That i would love to get on the card. Big John Dixson Is great and I need to party with him again. moose