Showed TUF ep 3 to non-mma fan

First of all... he liked the show, which I think is a good sign. He used to be a wrestler in high school (although he never cut weight) and used to lift like a madman, so he is able to appreciate how hard these guys train.

However, he also thought that the reality elements (the house drama and the challenges) got too much screen time in comparison to training and fighting.

I'm not posting this to bitch about it - I think the reality elements help sell MMA to people who wouldn't otherwise be interested - I just think it is cool that he liked the "core" of the show even though he isn't a hardcore fan.'s probably good that he missed episodes 1 and 2

Some half drunk guys I didn't know came in my room the other night with my roommate, and were like "hiii who are you, what's up" and I said, "uh not much. Just watched The Ultimate Fighter. *incert explaination" They said, "oh yeeaah, we were just watching something like that on TV upstairs."
I said, "oh yeah!? what'd you think?" One said, "I dunno, didn't watch the whole thing. Seemed pretty cool. Two bald guys punching the sh*t out of each other." I said, "I see. So you liked it?" They agreed yes. Now let's see if they remember the next morning.