Showtime card is ALMOST free

Here is a tip for all you people. I've seen some other threads saying it's free, and some people it's not since Showtime costs money, like HBO and movie channels like that.

All you have to do is call Showtime the day of the event and tell them you want to add the service.

You can then call them the next day and cancel it if you want. You don't need to keep the service.

You will pay some pocket change as channels like HBO, Showtime, etc. They prorate the charges. I think Showtime is like 12 bucks a month. If you keep it for a day, it'll cost you a quarter and a dime basically. Seriously.

I know it sounds ghetto, but it's true. I get Showtime included on my cable already, but I call and add HBO for a couple weeks at a time if they got some good fights coming. December had a ton of fights, pretty much a card every weekend, so I just kept it for the duration of the month.

But if you guys want to save money and still watch the fights, just call your cable and add Showtime on the day of the fight. Cancel it anytime you want.

This doesn't hurt the event itself really, HBO and Showtime regularly have a bunch of people trying to add service right before the fights. It shows that people are interested in seeing them, so you're still showing Showtime that you want to support the MMA card. It'll probably encourage them to put on more MMA cards if people are just signing up to watch the fights.

just a tip for those with cash flow problems, you can literally watch this card for about 50 cents or less.



You couls always just hook up a cable from your neighbors service and run it into your endroom window and watch it for free.

Reminds me of Ray Ehtridge, former NFL player who was so cheep, he ran an extension cord into his neighbors back yard and plugged it into to outlet outside. From that cord he hooked everything up in his house. The cord got really hot and it would smell like plastic was burning...because it was. One day all the power went out in his house and he ran to the back yard to see wat was happening and his neighbor had cut the cord. Not only unplugged, cut. Ray actually got mad at the neighbor as if the act against his cord was unjustified.

Well, I said it was ghetto, but damn, I'm just trying to inform those who don't get Showtime and want to see the fights for some pocket change. I'm sure this will be helpful to some people. I pay TimeWarner $150 bucks a month for Cable, DV-R, Internet, Showtime and HBO. That's too damn much if you ask me. Without the HBO, it's still over $130 a month.

Power to the people! lol

Don't compare me to that guy please. haha. People on this forum bitch and moan about bad cards, and PPV's costing $5 more than they want them to. I'm trying to help people here. no shame

Kanotao. That is REAL TALK. haha

Time Warner charges a fee every time I add a premium channel :(

it's really easy to do if you have directv and you use the online account.  You can go online and switch to showtime, and right when the show is over you can go back online and switch it back.

ttt for all the poor folk!


i was planning on doing this, no shame in doing it, there is no reason to
pay 12 bucks for a bunch of Shotime channels playing the same movies
over and over again

Showtime as an add on feature to HBO is only $4.95 a month where I live. 5 bucks for a boxing and now MMA fights a month is well worth it.

I have all the hi def channels and premium pay channels and a dvr and my cable bill is $105 a month but the fights alone make it worth the money. Plus the hi def channels have boxing and UFC repeats and cagefighting every weekend.

Hey StoneWolf, are you on the Eastcoast???

Do you have TimeWarner????

in the ghetto...nobodies smiling

If you work at mcdonalds you deserve showtime for free, imo

Thanks for posting that... I was debating how much I wanted to see that card and if it was worth adding Showtime, but it's definitely worth 50 cents.

Dont be suckered in. Half of you will be too lazy to cancel it and you'll get
charged more than you expeced to. These companies rely on that and
arent idiots.

You should just go ahead and add Showtime anyway.  some good boxing coming up and DEXTER will be back on shortly, as will BROTHERHOOD both great shows IMHO

I didn't say anything about ripping them off.  I just said it might be worth it to just add and keep Showtime.
Then again with a cable bill of $220.00 this month(Pride's NYE and UFC) I might want to start or get a second job.

It's not ripping Showtime off at all. People who don't have the service already will sign up and pay, even if it's for a day. Some people will actually like the shows and movies on there and keep it longer which gives them more subscriptions. In no way does this rip off Showtime. You can add and cancel it anytime you wish.

DirecTV does not work that way. They have been hip to this "scheme" for years (since HBO and Showtime boxing events). They charge you for a 1 month minumum if you do the hookup.