Shreveport LA - Training

Anyone train in Shreveport. My wife is from Marshall, TX so we are down in that area alot and I'd like to train on the weekends I'm there. I'm a purple under Carlos Machado. I'd be interested in any Judo, Wrestling or Jiujitsu.


I don't know of any Judo training in the Shreveport area. There has not been an organized club in that area for many years.

The nearest I know of would be in Lafayette at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette (ULL Judo Club). They have a very big program there.

Ben R.

Thanks Ben.

There used to be an area MA association up there, whose member-schools included a Braz. J-J place, & some Tomiki aikido folks. Have you tried a Google search?

Tomiki guys were in Bossier City I think. Never knew of any BJJ guys, but who knows.

Ben R.

The only thing I came up with were a few TKD and Kenpo schools, an akido school and a kajakenbo school.