Shrinking my boots?

My wrestling boots are a tad bit big, is there any way for me to shrink them a little bit? I thought of throwing them in the washing machine...would that help?:)

buying them in the right size helps. if all else fails.. try 2 pairs of socks.

hehehe thanks :) my coach ordered them in bulk for our team because they're not easy to get out here...thanks again for the advice.


NEVER throw any athletic shoes in the washing machine, infact never immerse them in water at all. They will be much worse for it. (Trust me, I work for ASICS:))

A couple of things to try are as Todd suggests, two pairs/thick socks. Alternatively depending on how the shoes fit, you could go for a thicker aftermarket innersole.

i wash my shoes all the time, no problem. i have nike's older wrestling shoes. (i really cannot remeber the name of them though)