Shut up about Kimbo already!

Goddamnit, why the hell do i even have to start this thread? Are you all 14 years old? Is this the Sherdog forums?

Kimbo Slice. He once popped a guy's eye out. Kimbo Slice.

capnsavem is correct!  Kimbo is entertainment.

Why don't we get it over with and start debating over who would win between Chuck and Triple H or if RVD would beat GSP.

i just ignore threads with anything about kimbo in the title...


Ya KKM! STFU! Nobody here gives a crap what you think about any thread. Now quit your crying and let your balls drop. Oh yeah, STFU KKM!


What the hell does KKM mean?

You know KKM! If not then come back when you have become at least partially human and worthy of our respect. Then you might learn a thing or two.

Who are Triple H and RVD?


go away KKM. NSF imo.