Shut Up and Fight Situation.....

Whomever is responsible for the cancellation, I'm not dealing with them in the future. Jason Macdonald and Bill Mahood, among many others, 2 guys that worked their ASSES off over the years, looking for the big opportunities that other shows wouldn't offer them. Shut Up and Fight comes along and gives them the shot they've been waiting for, the one they deserve, and someone pulls the rug out from under them.
Shut Up and Fight, get your legs back please, it's about time someone used the USA vs. Canada concept, long overdue, and what you attempted to do for MMA in Canada is truly commendable.

I will NOT fight in a promotion that I have any doubt about, not anymore. I've done it before, not again. I truly feel sorry for all the fighters that trained so hard for these opportunities.

All this because of red tape crap, people can say what they want about sanctioned/unsanctioned events, Jason Darrah has run MANY shows with no problems. This was malicious.

I may have burned some bridges with this post, but fuck it, I'm sure more will open... and if not, at least the people responsible will read this and know that what they did was the most petty act I could imagine at this state of the game. Be happy =)

I encourage any other fighters with doubt to follow suit, but if you don't, much respect, I understand.
Chris, I apologize to your camp, from the respectable guys in Canada.



ttt I echo Chad's comments. Chris: hope we see you and you're students up in Canada again soon.


Westside, you don't have much luck going NORTH or SOUTH of the border. lol. Man, I hope that awful situation doesn't keep you or your fighters from coming to Canada in the future.