Side choke from back mount

Sometimes when I have someone in my back mount, with the harness or at least one arm under his armpit, hooks in or not, and he turns into me where I have my arm under his armpit, he falls into my side choke from side mount. But let's say that I want to initiate this move instead of letting him walk into it. How should I do it? For example, if we're both facing up, how can I get my leg underneath his body to get to the choke?




This is one of my favorite transitions to catch people. When you are back mounted on someone and he slides to the side to place his shoulders on the ground, an arm-triangle is often available.

Let's assume he's sliding out to the left. As he starts to move, make sure your right arm underhooks his right armpit. If you have the harness, have the right underneath. As he moves to put his shoulders on the ground, bring your right arm around his neck and proceed into the choke.

Now, in order to MAKE him CHOOSE to slide out to the left, I do one of a couple things. (1)Sometimes I take the harness and fall to my left, and that's all it takes.

(2) Other times I underhook with my right arm, and I remove my right hook. I hook the right foot under his right thigh like a butterfly hook from the back, and I lift with the arm and the leg like I'm trying to turn him face down. Most people will take the hint and flatten out when you do this, at which point you can transition to side mount or the choke. (And if they don't, roll them facedown and RNC them!)


alternately you can switch off to the twister from there with minimal

twinkletoesCT, about item number 2):

I'm not sure how I would get my LEFT leg out from underneath him. It could be stuck under his body.


One thing you can do is to anticipate the side he's escaping on, and remove the hook as he starts to slide. If you use the 2 underhook method (foot & arm), lift him over the leg as you straighten it in line with your body to bring it out from underneath him.