silly antics by Zuffa!

They joined SOPA lobby because they were chasing this extra semi-imaginary revenue that they might be able to get from shutting down piracy. But now they have a very real extra cost of security from starting a fight with the internet! And SOPA is probably dead too, so no extra imaginary revenue!

Also by placing themselves in opposition to internet freedom they've given the pirates a rationale for their actions!

No extra money coming in, and more money that needs to go out! And emboldened pirates!

That's not good business Zuffa and I hope you don't pass off these costs of your folly onto us!

(CNN) -- Dana White loves a good fight.

But the Ultimate Fighting Championship president may have second thoughts about mixing it up with members of the hacker collective Anonymous on Thursday night on Twitter, where he was on the receiving end of a brutal punch.

White's personal information, including his Social Security number, cellphone number and address, was published online just moments after the exchange, in which he defended his company's support of the controversial -- and now-shelved -- Stop Online Piracy Act.

The UFC's website was also hacked for the second time in a week.

The mixed-martial-arts promoter's parent company was a supporter of SOPA, which was intended to crack down on digital piracy. The company, Zuffa, says many of its fights are posted illegally online, either for free or with the pirate sites selling advertising on them.

The back-and-forth kicked off shortly after 9 p.m. when one of the more popular Twitter accounts associated with Anonymous called out White -- an avid Twitter user -- for comments he made in a recent interview.

After UFC's site was briefly hacked last weekend (traffic was redirected to a site associated with Anonymous) White called the Internet "a place where cowards live" and compared hackers to terrorists.

"The way this whole thing has gone down, them hacking our site is the best thing they ever could have done for us. Because what that does is, now, you look like terrorists and now a lot of people who were afraid of you now hate you," White told Ariel Helwani of MMA Fighting. "Is this bill perfect? No. No bill is perfect. I think this thing started off with the right idea. Stealing is stealing ... . It's not right and there's something that needs to be worked out."

He wrapped up with a UFC-style challenge.

"I'm not afraid of you," White said. "You don't scare me. Do it again. I don't care."

Of course, they did.

"Ahoy @danawhite - what do you have against the Internet? We're just curious, as we were quite surprised at the harsh tone of your comments," wrote the people behind the Twitter feed @YourAnonNews.

White responded: "I love the Internet. It helped us grow our biz. Stealing is stealing! And hacking into people's s--- is terrorism."

What followed was a sometimes profane back and forth with White defending his company's stance and Anonymous members or sympathizers either lobbing attacks or defending their own group's efforts, which have included attacking Mexican drug cartels and oppressive governments.

"If you guys want to change the world good for you!" White wrote. "Just don't steal my s---."

He argued that his fighters suffer financially when UFC money is siphoned away and cited the company's own "outsider" pedigree, noting that mixed martial arts were banned in many states before gaining widespread recognition. Between live bouts, pay-per-view sales, video games and other products, the UFC is now a billion-dollar industry.

For a brief moment Thursday, it looked like everyone would walk away happy.

"Why don't you read thru our dialogue with him. It was actually quite pleasant and s--- talking that we can see!" the YourAnonNews account tweeted to another Twitter user.

But minutes later, someone posted a document on the site Pastebin showing what appears to be White's Social Security number, cellphone number, address, legal cases and other information -- including his wife's name. (A later, edited version removed family information).

The UFC site also was hacked again, with Anonymous logos briefly appearing on its main page.

White did not mention either hack on his Twitter feed Friday morning, having moved on to promoting a fight card set for Saturday night.

Anonymous, of course, wasn't so quiet.

"We wonder if @danawhite will ask #Anonymous to hack him again tomorrow," YourAnonNews wrote.

 lol @ thinking anyone who watches the UFC on stream would even pay for it... 

 mods please move to the anon ground

Oh noez they put up some logoz on the UFC website for a few minutes! AHHHH!

Lol @ Dana saying people were afraid now their not. Is Dana fucking retarded? When people feared the Inited States, did they look at the US as weaker when the dropped the nuke on Japan? Showing glimpses of what you have the ability to doesnt portray you as weak.

Supporting a bill like SOPA because 10% of the bill would benefit you but the other 90% of it would give the government ridiculous power over the American people shows how out of touch the heads of Zuffa really is. Fuck them Phone Post

*United fucking phone Phone Post

I pay for the events but I think those who don't aren't going to say 'well can't stream, better buy it'. it's not going to increase the buys. I'm not for streaming but the Internet is too big and as long ad credit card numbers can be stolen online and GBI websites can be hacked, the UFC events are going to be streamed lol Phone Post

they sell streams for 44.95 on the internet.. what a fucking joke


lol this ones pretty funny

They would do a better job of maximizing revenue/minimizing piracy by offering tiered pricing on internet streams at various different bitrate qualities.

And imagine if they had a club for poor UFC fans, people who can't afford the stream but are UFC enthusiasts and could contribute in other ways. These guys could be a damn army of promotional footsoldiers and all you would have to give them is free access to the stream.

And Zuffa does give away free PPVs.... they did it recently for that xbox thing... only they, uh, fucked up the stream and messed up all of those peoples nights...

They should stream all of their fights for free on their webiste, wait 1 week for the latest pay per view event. They desperately try to build a customer base with these Fox events, FX events etc. Being famous and popular will lead to more money than they could ever make by nickel and diming people for old material.

If they could turn 5% of the casual fans into hardcore fans by offering their entire catalog of fights, they'd make a killing.

Instead they take the opposite approach and try to punish people for trying to view their product.

Dana said we are not priviledged to the information he has and he said the hackers have rejuvinated SOPA again because the government hates terrorists.

How can you doubt him and claim that SOPA is dead?

 piracy is what grew the UFC to what it is today

Exactly, the vast majority of us here, the "hardcore" fans, grew to be hardcore fans by watching high-light videos, random events and whatever we could find on the internet.

They are really missing an opportunity to promote their product. Plus the best part is many of the people will produce excellent highlight clips and spend hours of their own time trying to promote the UFC to their friends.