Silva and Hunt impressed me.

Wanderlei Silva and Mark Hunt really impressed me in their fight at PRIDE FC: SHOCKWAVE. I give respect to both of them. Respect to Silva for fighting a guy that outweighed him by about 75lbs.. Respect to Hunt for taking a fight against the PRIDE FC middleweight champion on three days notice. Silva really impressed me with the fact that went toe-to-toe with Hunt who is a K-1 World GP champion that has never been knocked out. I was also impressed with how good Silva’s take downs were. Silva is TOUGH he took a few really big shots and recovered instantly from them. I was really impressed by Hunt, he took the fight on three days notice against one of the toughest fighters in the world. Hunt’s cardio was not bad, and he is obviously a very hard puncher. His ground work looked good too for someone who is new to MMA. Silva showed ALOT of heart and skill. He is still the #1 light heavy weight in the world. Silva did great considering he was fighting someone with a 75lbs. weight advantage, that is a world class striker. Hunt did great and I can’t wait to see how he does against some of PRIDE FC’s top heavyweights. Some people are saying that "Hunt dominated Silva.". That obviously isn't true. Personally I thought that Silva was going to win the judge’s decision, or that the fight would be declared a draw. Even Hunt looked really surprised that he won. Overall it was a great a fight with two great fighters. The fact that it took a K-1 World GP champion, that has never been knocked out before, that had a 75lbs. weight advantage to give Silva his first loss in PRIDE FC...a split decision loss at that, shows just how awesome Silva is. Congratulations to Hunt on his win. Silva will be back, better than ever. Isn’t it good to lose every once in a while? It helps to keep you from getting too cocky, and it keeps your ego in check, which will make someone a better fighter.

Bust out some line breaks Timmy.

I agree with you that both guys were very impressive. I also disagree with the decision.

Silva is the Pride Middleweight Champion and now he needs to worry about the tournament coming up not a hard fought loss.

Great fight!

Well Hunt has been training a lot longer now and Yoshida specializes in submission and is a bigger man. Hunt is not going to stop getting better for a while. Everytime we see him he'll be better.

It doesn't. Yoshida submitted Hunt and Silva could not.

Silva beat the shit out of Yoshida, and so did Rulan!

point being, Silva and Rulan and many others are better than Yoshida.


I think with this fight Silva just proved once again that he is a incredible fighter and that he has one of the biggest hearts in sport...

Silva hits hard as hell..

Fighting 2 one the best K-1 fighters (Hunt & Crocop)both of them are heavier than him and not getting KO'ed is impressive to me..

That showes his stand up skills and how tuff he is..

Wanderlei Vs Hunt 1:

Wanderlei Vs Hunt 2:

Wanderlei Vs Hunt 3:

Wanderlei Vs Hunt 4:

after listening to his post-match interview, i give silva even MORE respect. sure, he was disappointed about losing the decision but he also gave props to hunt and his trainers, said that he fights anybody they want him to fight, and didn't offer any BS excuses like we always hear (see belfort). great skills, tons of heart. what a warrior.

Agreed, Tricky.

And, daaaam! I just watched the butt bomb by Hunt!!! The funny thing is he was still able to pull guard out of the scramble as Silva was aiming to take his back.

And, yes, I simply cannot believe Hunt, in his 3rd MMA match, got out of all those sub attempts from Silva.

Hunt waited perfectedly to buck on that hammer lock attempt and slipped Silva's triangle attempt from the get-go.

Can anyone believe a K-1 fighter - with that build, not like Crocop's - was able to move that swiftly on the ground as such a newbie against the bjj seasoned Silva?

Dam, even his GNP was disciplined.


Oh, man the armbar Hunt dodged in round 2 when he followed up on Silva after he dropped him!



that fight was as good as silva vs qj 2

Hunt's stock went through the roof as far as I'm concerned. He had a way better showing than I expected, I just hope Pride doesn't push him too fast. He needs at least two more fights against heavyweights before he's ready for a shot at Fedor

I was impressed with the fight as well, I thought for sure that Silva would get the decision because of the past fights I have watched....... the one that sticks out the most is when Belfort won because of his weight disadvantage.


I was on the edge of my seat during the entire fight.